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Pennant flags are a common sight across public institutions, private companies, sports clubs, associations, foundations, educational institutions, and organizations. Custom pennant flags enjoy widespread popularity at various organizations, sports competitions, fairs, festivals, and meetings, hanging proudly in a vertical display.

Custom Pennant Flag

Our personalized pennant flags come in a variety of shapes, including triangular, pentagonal, and round, catering to all design preferences.

To enhance their appearance, we offer the option of adding a fringe along the desired length. For those seeking a more structured look, an optional hard piece of cardboard can be inserted between the fabric layers to ensure the flag maintains a perfect appearance.

The edges of our custom pennant flags with cardboard are precisely finished using the hot cutting method before the fringe is carefully sewn on.

For easy display, each pennant includes a rope at the top for wall hanging, or, for a versatile option, optional suction cups can be provided for easy attachment to glass surfaces.

We utilize high-quality digital printing on both sides of the custom promotional pennants to ensure your message is vividly displayed.

Custom Pennant Flag Standard Sizes:

  • 4.72 x 7.09 in
  • 5.91 x 8.86 in
  • 7.87 x 11.81 in
  • 11.81 x 17.72 in (cannot have cardboard in-between)
  • 19.69 x 29.53 in (cannot have cardboard in-between)
  • 23.62 x 35.43 in (cannot have cardboard in-between)
  • 27.56 x 39.37 in (cannot have cardboard in-between)

In addition to standard sizes, we can also produce customs pennants in requested sizes.

Pennant Flag & Banner
Satin fabric
Pennant Flag & Banner
Cardboard in-between
Pennant Flag & Banner
Wire, knob and cord to hang
Pennant Flag & Banner
Suction cup

Indoor and Outdoor Pennant

The camp flag stands as the largest variant among our pennant flags collection, offering exceptional visibility and versatility for your custom needs. We provide a range of shapes including Swallowtail (V-shaped), flat, triangular, or round, ensuring a perfect fit for every occasion and preference.

Crafted from a specially selected, highly durable fabric, our custom camp flags are designed to withstand the elements, maintaining their integrity and appearance over time.

To guarantee that every detail of your design is vivid and enduring, we apply high-quality digital printing on both sides of these customized pennants, ensuring your message is displayed with clarity and brilliance from any angle.

Please note, these custom flags are not suitable for ironing, preserving their pristine condition and the quality of the print without the risk of damage from heat.

Standard Sizes:

  • 15.75 x 39.37 in
  • 19.69 x 39.37 in
  • 19.69 x 59.06 in
  • 19.69 x 78.74 in
  • 29.53 x 78.74 in
  • 29.53 x 98.43 in
  • 39.37 x 118.11 in
  • 59.06 x 157.48 in

In addition to standard sizes, we can also produce customs pennants in requested sizes.

Pennant Flag & Banner
Pennant Flag & Banner
Raschel knit fabric
Pennant Flag & Banner
Satin fabric
Pennant Flag & Banner
Alpaca fabric
Pennant Flag & Banner
Pennant Flag & Banner
Impertex rib
Pennant Flag & Banner
Hot cutting
Pennant Flag & Banner
Plastic pipe, knob and cord to hang

Pennant Flag Manufacturing

The pennant can represent a country, company or organization. So, we manufacture with quality materials, high standards of printing and workmanship during production.

We serve you with a dynamic team structure to provide you with the best service from design to delivery.

Ironing Conditions

You must not iron pennants with cardboard in-between. However, cardboard-free models can be ironed at low temperatures without water.




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